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Why ‘net disruptor?

'net disruptor

Believe it or not, I mulled over the name of this blog for some time. Names are important, as any marketer will tell you. An Englishman by the name of William Shakespeare once wrote:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet;”

Technically he was correct of course, however I’m going to hazard a guess that the bard never visited Austria and had a Germknödel for dessert. If he had, I’m sure he would have come to the same conclusion as I did – i.e. that names are important. To illustrate this in Shakespeare’s example, giving the special lady in your life 12 red Germknödels on valentine’s day just wouldn’t have quite the same… je ne sais quoi?

So why ‘net disruptor? As an online marketer with an avid interest in the worlds of business, science and technology…

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RIP Steve Jobs

Suzi is rambling

10 years ago the USA had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash ….
Now they have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash

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China’s Space Advances Worry US Military


Video still showing China's Shenzhou 8 spacecraft docked with the Tiangong 1 lab module on Nov. 3, 2011. Video still showing China’s Shenzhou 8 spacecraft docked with the Tiangong 1 lab module on Nov. 3, 2011.
CREDIT: China Central Television

The rise of China’s space program may pose a potentially serious military threat to the United States down the road, top American intelligence officials contend.

China continues to develop technology designed to destroy or disable satellites, which makes the United States and other nations with considerable on-orbit assets nervous. Even Beijing’s ambitious human spaceflight plans are cause for some concern, since most space-technology advances could have military applications, officials say.

“The space program, including ostensible civil projects, supports China’s growing ability to

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Apple Is Worth $500 Billion Now? – Business-IT Headlines & Perspectives

Anonymous Partners With WikiLeaks, Then Turns On Stratfor

Almond Touchscreen Wireless Router

STUFF that you LOVE

The world’s first router to offer a touchscreen interface by SECURIFI

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