What is Anonymous

You Are Never Too Old To Surf

There was an AP story yesterday (see, for example, the version on MSNBC)  that said that 25 suspected members of the group Anonymous had been arrested in Europe and South America.  The story noted that they were hackers, but what does that really mean?

A simple definition of a hacker is one who searches for weaknesses in computer programs and, once found, exploiting the weakness in the program.  Some hackers are nothing more than talented computer students who want to learn more about their craft and so they try to outsmart the designers of the software.  Others are people acting on a challenge from one’s peers.  Sometimes members of these two groups become “white hat” hackers who try to break into systems for the purpose of making those systems stronger.  Still others use hacking as a way of gaining access to financial accounts or to information that can be…

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