If anyone needs or knows someone who needs a 3D modeling, graphic design, webdesign, some form of image manipulation/restoration, animation, advertisement or anything falling under the multimedia/digital media sector, please give me a shout. I’m pretty much broke at this stage and need some extra cash. You’ve seen some of the work I can do along with some of my posts outlining what I can do, so I’m pretty confident in my ability to take on anything you guys throw at me.


A friend of mine.

Here’s a blog a friend of mine owns, I’d appreciate it if you could follow him.

He’s starting out in the multimedia sector (as a student of course) and documents what he’s learning and doing on his blog. Constructively criticizing what he does is what he wants so don’t go to easy on him!


Got all the group work done today, all that’s left now is the 3D modelling assignment. It’ll take a while but, hey, I like it. This current assignment was in director 11.5 and it was the bane of my existence. We had to make a promotional interactive DVD. It was the bane of my existence.

I haven’t posted in a while…

I’ve been fairly busy with assignments lately so I haven’t really had much time to spend on WordPress, only a month left and I’ll be finished for the summer months. I’ll try and post the odd time to keep you guys up to date. In the meantime, here’s some pictures I’ve taken over the past few weeks!



100 followers, so about me…

So I hit the hundred follower mark there a few minutes ago. Not much at all but I appreciate that a hundred people are interested in what I’m interested in so thank you. At this stage I should probably let you guys have more of an insight into my life. So here it goes.

I’m quite the opinionated young lad, especially when it comes to freedom of information. I believe that information should be free for everyone to access at all times. It allows for people to develop and educate themselves in more ways than people realize. I’m such a strong advocate of free information, so much so that I would literally die for it. Being only nineteen years old I don’t have much experience in regards to life and how the world works but I do like to teach myself on how these systems work. One of my main goals is merely to just understand how and where humanity is going, also how it came into existence. When I say “came into existence” I don’t mean “where did humanity come from?” I’m talking about how society itself formed and how humans begins to work together to create communities that aren’t primal, beastial or animalistic, well some say humans are, which can be true in some regards, more on that another time. As an anti-theist I have no affiliations with religion or any kind of deity, higher beings or otherwise, I’m a man of science.

Currently I’m studying digital media, in my free time I study various forms of programming and the architecture of technology, also a bit of HCI/ID on the side. I enjoy educating myself, education is evolution through my eyes. In regards to digital media I completely and inarguably enjoy it to the highest degree. I get major satisfaction from completing assignments and making things that make people smile (animations for example). I also get quite a large ┬ásense of fulfillment out of completing assignments or making something that’s really innovative. Another small tidbit of information about myself is that i teach kids about technology once or twice a week, voluntarily, should go down a treat on a CV.

That’s really all i can say at the minute, thanks so much if you read this far down and thank you all for following, i really do appreciate it. Over the months of May, June, July and August, if any of you need a 3D modeler, graphic designer, web developer or anything that relates to digital media done, just leave me a message, I’ll be more than happy to do it free of charge!

Thanks guys!


Ross Finn.

Thanks guys!

Thanks to all my new followers I’ve gotten 36 more the past 20 hours or so, blog seems to be taking off quite well the past couple of days!

Strange photoshop!

Strange photoshop I made earlier on.

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