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So many assignments.

I’m just getting assignment after assignment. It’s getting quite stressful now. Most of which are due in mid March. The 3ds max assignment is going to take the longest and will probably break my pc in the process, I’m up to nearly five million polygons at the moment, that number will inarguably double over the next few days. I also have a report to do on HCI/ID, that won’t take too long at all, some simple research should prepare me enough for it. As for multimedia authoring I still have a good bit of video content to produce before I go into the interactivity sectors. I also need to finish off my portfolio site.

Portfolio site in progress.

A portfolio site idea I am currently working on. Making this using dreamweaver and some query plugins. Found a tutorial on how to get an effect of circles appearing around a larger circle that hold links. Still in the works!