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If anyone needs or knows someone who needs a 3D modeling, graphic design, webdesign, some form of image manipulation/restoration, animation, advertisement or anything falling under the multimedia/digital media sector, please give me a shout. I’m pretty much broke at this stage and need some extra cash. You’ve seen some of the work I can do along with some of my posts outlining what I can do, so I’m pretty confident in my ability to take on anything you guys throw at me.

A friend of mine.

Here’s a blog a friend of mine owns, I’d appreciate it if you could follow him.

He’s starting out in the multimedia sector (as a student of course) and documents what he’s learning and doing on his blog. Constructively criticizing what he does is what he wants so don’t go to easy on him!

Cd covers

Here’s a few CD covers I designed for my friends band! Some feedback on the overall designs, colors and composition would be appreciated!

put these together in a few hours a few nights ago. They aren’t that great or anything nor are they finished, i still have to do the backs and spines. (I hate doing spines, so tedious).