Yesterday in History


Being the dutiful employee putting in my 15 hour days, I forgot to get this in for publication last night. So, I ask that you just close your eyes and imagine that it’s March 6th. Okay, now open your eyes and read the article. Oh wait . . . you probably won’t know to open your eyes. Meh, I’m sure the editor will fix it later. [Editor’s note: I’m tired of dealing with Bob’s mood swings from quitting smoking so I’m going to just leave this there. Punk.] So, on this day, March 6th, 1992, the Michelangelo virus was supposed to bring the world to its knees. It would infect computer networks throughout with a green face on the screen and your screen would continue to yell “Cowabunga dude”. After several hours it would start randomly ordering pizza from Dominos and Pizza Hut. [Editor’s note: Unfortunately, the…

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