Hacktivists: a history


On our second radio show, Katrina and I (with help from student guest Max) discussed the threat of hacking networks. Truthfully, I am still confused at times by the work of groups such as Anonymous, Antisec and Lulzsec. In light of recent news, I have decided to map out a sort of “Hacking Networks for Dummies” guide.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, don’t worry. Hacking networks and “hacktivism” are relatively new phenomena.

The BBC defines a hacking network as a “a loose collective of hackers, anarchists and pranksters that have targeted the websites of a range of governments, companies, law enforcement agencies and individuals in recent years.”

Wired.com, which published an informative article on the rise of one specific hacking group called “Anonymous,” describes such groups as internet “trickers,” blending cyber terrorism” and “cyber freedom,” mostly for their own entertainment.

What is…

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