Cool Origami

cute things by kai xin

After a really long hiatus (in which I would like to say I’ve been busy and productive >.>) I am finally coming back with something that I think is really cool. I found this design on Origami Nut, and it’s basically some extremely complicated shape made up of tetrahedrons. This thing actually took me almost 3 hours to make, and I had help on the first part of it. So it uses 30 pieces of paper cut to be 3:1. So basically cut a square into three long strips. Trying to put it together was torture… in the end I used tape to keep the pieces of paper together because I got tired of them falling apart every time I tried to add a new piece.

The diagrams and video for this model can be found at the Origami Nut. It takes a few hours, but it’s well worth…

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