Anonymous Dumps Some Data And Takes Some Hits

The IT Nerd

There’s a lot of news regarding the notorious hacker group known as Anonymous. First they did the data dump that the promised on Canadian Justice Minister Vic Towes. Here are two videos posted to YouTube on March 1st:

But this only is the start of the fun. Today, Andrew Scheer the Speaker of The House Of Commons ruled that Anonymous had posted videos that made disturbing threats:

“Those who enter political life fully expect to be held accountable for their actions – to their constituents, and to those who are concerned with the issues and initiatives they may advocate,” he said. “However, when duly-elected members are personally threatened for their work in parliament – whether introducing a bill, making a statement, or casting a vote, this House must take the matter very seriously.”

I’m guessing that the notorious hacker group isn’t going to lose sleep over that. But they…

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