DGPX – Starting the Medium

Desborough Designs

Destruction Grand Prix is a UDK racing game that I’ve been working on for nearly nine months now. It’s part of a class called Team Game Production, in which we work as a team on a student-pitched, student-created game. The game itself has a production cycle of about one year, so new students are always rotating in, and in most cases those who start a project graduate before seeing it completed.

I’ve been long done with Team Game Production, but have volunteered as a consultant for my last quarter (meaning I’m “in” on the project without being enrolled, and doing work outside of school). I haven’t posted about this project yet because I’ve been the sole custom vehicle scripter for six months, and code doesn’t make for the prettiest of posts. I am however producing a massive tutorial (or potentially a book) covering all that I’ve done, as I was…

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