Change is Inevitable

Subliminal Feedback


Facebook has done it again!  And needless to say, most people are absolutely furious!  They’ve made changes to the layout of their main page, leaving many confused that only wanted to log in, see what their friends did today, and then update the world with insight of their own.  That’s what I use it for, anyway.

But, once again Facebook has left many people staring at their site like a cow at a new gate.  This is not something unusual, though.  Zuckerberg and his team make at least one major site design change each year… sometimes sneaking in a few smaller one as well.

People hate change.  That’s what they think anyway, even though President Barack Obama was actually elected to office based on that six letter word alone.  Change.  We tend to hate it. SO, I wanted to take a moment and look at a few things that…

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