Hacktivism, Security, and Power

Shannon Levis

Whether you know it or not, there’s a serious technology revolution underfoot. And no, I’m not talking about iOS5.

Recently, there have been a multitude of Internet attacks that have raised questions about the security of classified data in various forms. At the center of this epidemic has been LulzSecurity, a group of loosely agglomerated hackers who have attracted some serious media attention over the past few months. Through targeting large organizations such as Sony, PBS, Infragard, the CIA, and Arizona’s Department of Public Safety (PC Mag), LulzSec demonstrated just how much power a group of hackers can have in this digital age.

Most interesting to me was the short-lived Operation Anti-Security, in which LulzSec announced they would be teaming up with Anonymous, another notorious internet organization (fyi, their Wiki), to “open fire on any government or agency that crosses their path,” claiming that “government and whitehat…

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