On Technology and Government

To the Dogs or Whoever

I have a strange relationship with technology. I would typically consider myself a skeptic regarding new technology (to be fair, I’m generally a skeptic on most things), but I’m finding that I’m increasingly accepting of new models and methods of communication. I see three contributing factors to this change, and would like to discuss them, as they are going to have an influence on much of the content of this website.

The first is that I’m simply becoming more accepting of my own, not insignificant, use of technology. There’s a side of me that appreciates physical books and newspapers, buys vinyls, and advocates for face-to-face communication. However, I also take advantage of technology for what likely amounts to a couple hours of news, blogs, and entertainment on a daily basis. In this, I simply have to admit that the side of me that romanticizes simplicity and quality needs to cede…

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  1. Dugutigui
    Mar 02, 2012 @ 12:11:24

    is probably what happens to most of us…


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