The Political Scene in Egypt Today

Mostafa Tamer Blog

“We live in a world full of lies, full of contradictions, full of hypocrisy” This statement sums up the political scene in Egypt.

After the revolution hopes were high for a new free democratic Egypt where every citizen lives in happiness, peace, and prosperity. As the days passed since 11 Feb, Our hopes for a better future began to fade away like sea tides on the shore. It started first with the referendum vote which was the first strike from the Supreme council of Armed Forces (SCAF) for the revolution. This move divided the revolutionary forces and weakened the revolution power, and above all ended the famous quote which was the key for the Revolution’s victory “One Hand”.

 As the months passed, a lot of accidents happened in one year that some countries in the world don’t even experience in a lifetime (Take for example The Norway killings that happened…

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