Cyber Criminals hacked Andhra Govt. websites

Cyber Criminals hacked Andhra Govt. websites

The cyber criminals broke into one of the government servers and hacked as many as 27 websites of various departments of Andhra Pradesh exposing the chinks in the state’s cyber security.


It is believed that the hackers did not deface the pages or steal the information but only added additional pages with their message.


The websites which were hacked include those of departments of commercial taxes, general administration department, horticulture, factories, gazette notifications and government orders.


Some Bangladeshi hacking groups are suspected to be behind the incident.


Ponnala Lakshmaiah, State Information Technology Minister claimed, “There was no loss of data. One of the 50 government servers was hacked and 27 websites supported by the server were affected.”


The officials shared, “None of the websites had data relating to 2012-13 budget, which is to be presented in the state legislature Friday.”


Anam Ramnarayan Reddy, Finance…

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