Understanding the Anonymous attack tools (1)

Dennis weblog international

Most members of Anonymous would prefer to stay, well, anonymous. But as the group has engaged in increasingly high-profile attacks on government and corporate websites, doing so effectively and staying out of harm’s way have become an ever-growing challenge. To protect itself, the group has altered its tactics over the past year to both increase the firepower of its attacks and shield members from the prying eyes of law enforcement.

In late 2011, members of Anonymous began to step away from their most well-known weapon for distributed denial of service attacks. While some in the group continued to try to get enthusiastic followers (or unwary webpage visitors) to use a Web browser version of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon attack tool, use of LOIC had led to the arrests of members of Anonymous and LulzSec last summer. More cautious and technically skilled Anons started to use a collection of other…

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