So I started.

So I started working with the kids the other day. They’re extremely enthusiastic. I wound up making several stop motions with them also. One girl called Alex, she’s only about 4 years old came up with a very ambitious claymation idea. She wanted to create an underwater scene. She sat for a solid hour making fish out of colored clay. By the time she was finished it took nearly everyone in the room to help her create the scene. It was adorable in a way that someone so young had such an ambitious idea and the drive to finish it. Thats the thing with digital/multimedia, it ushers vast amounts of creativity in all ages. Unfortunately here in Ireland, computers or anything of the sort is not included in primary or secondary level education. This seriously needs to change. In this day and age kids should be thought from a young age how to use various kinds of technology. There’s so many people I’m seeing getting left behind because they haven’t had any education in technology. I was lucky to have been able to teach myself. This is something that I’d love to change in this country, it’s more or less one of my main goals at the moment.


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  1. Michelle Gillies
    Mar 08, 2012 @ 12:58:58

    I find your take on Ireland quite interesting. It is hard to imagine even knowing children that have not grown up with computers being an extension of themselves. Perhaps this has some influence on the high number of gifted creative people that come out of Ireland. Your work with these children is really important and can only bring good things for you. One of the first things I look for on a CV is the volunteer that a person has done. I look forward to seeing your Portfolio site when it is ready.


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