Reading While Eating for February 15: Tech Treasures


Mad Men Message: According to vintage ads, Listerine can do everything from curing dandruff to finding you a husband. (Mental Floss)

Linternational: Jeremy Lin fever: It’s now a global phenomenon. (Global Spin)

Nostalgia for the Future: It seems like every musician to make it big these days has an obsession with a childhood icon. Now it’s Kanye West and The Jetsons. (Flavorwire)

Odd Engineering: Why are smartphones getting more and more gigantic? Isn’t the point for it to fit in your pocket? (Slate)

Small Fry: This tiny reptile is the size of a fingertip. (The Daily What)

Weird Science: Miss your pet while you’re stuck at work? Just create a robot to play with Fido while you’re gone. Skip to 2:45 to see it in action. (Viral Viral Videos)

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