Google vs. Apple

It's more fun than a TPS report...

There is nothing better than a good business rivalry. Ok, an open air dinner in old town Dubrovnik, Mrs. TPS’s paella, or the Steelers in the Super Bowl are all probably better…but back to the rivalry thing.

Google vs. Apple as a competition in the new economy is about as good as it gets. As they battle for dominance, the consumer gets stuff like real-time collaboration on documents, the ability to wirelessly project your laptop/tablet on your HD TV, mini-computers that you can take with you as you move around the house, and on-demand access to just about any show worth watching. Not bad.

So what if our whole lives are an open book, accessible to just about anyone with some technical knowledge or a few spare bucks. Oooh…cognitive dissonance setting in…anyone have an Ibuprofen?

Google’s latest move is into hardware. Check out the details in the WSJ article here

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