It’s stupidly annoying how you can only synch an iPhone to one iTunes at a time. I lost all of my apps and music synching it to a new one just there. What were apple honestly thinking? It adds more of a sense of security, if someone steals you’re phone or if you use it they won’t be able synch your apps, given that they have access to your iTunes account of course. If I stole an iPhone I’d just reformat it, why would I care if this certain persons apps, photos etc etc are lost? Another pointless addition is the use of maps to track it. if you lose you’re phone in the middle of a street, someone is instantly going to pick it up. Are you really going to go totally out of you’re way to find them, people still actually have the capabilities to walk, so if you check for it on google maps, at home, leave your house and go to that location, there’s a pretty slim chance that whoever took it has moved on. Considering most people don’t have multiple smartphones, you’ll have to go the entire way back home to find another location and hope for the best. Apple, you have the ability to successfully market iPads and actually sell them but for the love of god, revise your security procedures for your portable devices!


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