Week #1 Blog #2: Do schools kill creativity?



Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools kill Creativity?

In the Youtube video, TEDTalks, Sir Ken Robinson was the guest speaker to talk about the education system and how it should be more open-minded to creativity. He was quite an entertainer for his guests and made a few jokes here and there, but he made important points on how the public school system disregards music and arts as unimportant to other subject matters like math and science. He says and I quote, “They have been frightened to be wrong, we stigmatize mistakes, we run education systems where mistakes are the worst thing you can make”- Sir Ken Robinson. He was referring to “they” as the students who are learning from their professors and what he meant was that teachers are taught to correct any behavior that is not taught in schools. Schools have a guideline that must be followed and only certain…

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