The importance of free speech

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The US at one time placed great emphasis on freedom of speech, but now we’re starting to pass laws that make some speech—e.g., advising a terrorist group to embrace non-violent means to achieve their goal—has been made illegal, with Obama and Holder arguing in favor of making some speech illegal. That’s Obama for you.

Spinoza covered this ground well long ago. Steven Nadler has a column in the NY Times:

aruch Spinoza, the 17th-century Dutch thinker, may be among the more enigmatic (and mythologized) philosophers in Western thought, but he also remains one of the most relevant, to his time and to ours. He was an eloquent proponent of a secular, democratic society, and was the strongest advocate for freedom and tolerance in the early modern period. The ultimate goal of his “Theological-Political Treatise” — published anonymously to great alarm in 1670, when it was called by one of…

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