Girl Launches Her MIT Acceptance Letter Into Space


MIT’s future students receive their acceptance letters in shimmering silver cardboard tubes. It’s more of a legacy item – the mailing used to contain a poster – but now it’s simply a postmarked reminder of the school’s uniqueness. And to highlight that trait this year, the MIT admissions staff put a note into each accepted student’s tube asking him or her to “hack” the tube. They even created a website to show off the best. And leave it to the MIT class of 2016 to come up with some far-flung ideas. Literally.

The prestigious university has a storied history with the word “hack,” which is meant less in the sense of compromising a computer than it is merely in displaying a clever or creative twist on technology. With the requested tube hack, MIT asked the accepted students to come up with a “funny, creative, or artistic new interpretation” of their…

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