A Video Of What Future Classrooms (won’t) Look Like

Education Stormfront

Ah I love futurist videos. They are great to get the mind working on the possibilities and are good PR for the companies that create them.

Corning makes glass. In fact if you have an iPhone or iPad then you already have their products. They make the glass screens. Nice job.

In the last few months they created a stir by posting a very cool video called “A Day Made Of Glass“. Now they have followed it up with a more in depth video where they explain the new technologies in the video. The video is 11 minutes long but the part I want to talk about is at 1:50. It’s when the girl goes to her futuristic school. Watch it until 3:05 please.

There are several concepts being shown here. First, I love the wall sized touch screen. The technology is very cool. Second, you will have noticed…

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